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Woman fights to dump double fares for paratransit passengers | Transportation

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Woman fights to dump double fares for paratransit passengers

ATLANTA -- Harriet Bradley, caregiver for 92-year-old Mildred Mallory says enough is enough on paying double fares when traveling Gwinnett Paratransit, then switching to MARTA Mobility.

She says it an outrage that Mallory and others like her have to pay a full fare on one carrier then are forced to pay another full fare on a second carrier. Regular passengers traveling both systems pay only one fare for a fraction of the cost.

Bradley first took her fight first to the MARTA board, then to its chief executive. Now she's gone to the next level, meeting with the executive director of the Atlanta Regional Commission.

She says she wants one fare to use both services.

"Today it was $14.50 roundtrip. When the fare goes up in Gwinnett it's going to be $15.50," Bradley said. "There are about eight people that use the system every day to come into Atlanta -- that's $146! Can you imagine $146? That is more than gas."

Both MARTA and the ARC say it will take a legislated regional transportation system to address the fare structure.

"I'd like to be able to say that there is a single quick way to do this and we are going to put our best minds to it, and see if we can find one, but right now I cannot promise anything," said ARC Executive Director Doug Hooker.

Bradley says she is determined and plans to address the key ARC Transportation Committee in March. She says she'll go all the way to the governor if she has to.

"I have not given up. I have only just begun," Bradley said.