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Clean Commute Week continues today with "GA Walk to School Day" | Schools

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Clean Commute Week continues today with "GA Walk to School Day"
Clean Commute Week continues today with "GA Walk to School Day"

Atlanta - This week (March 5-9) is officially Clean Commute Week, where the Clean Air Campaign challenges K-12 schools across the state to raise "awareness of clean commute options and to explore ways to reduce the number of idling cars in school zones."  
Monday - Ride the Bus
Tuesday- Bike or ride a scooter
Wednesday- Georgia Walk to School Day
Thursday- Carpool
Friday- Commute using any clean mode


The week is designed to provide Georgia schools with a platform to share the benefits of commute alternatives with their school communities and highlight clean transportation, including bus riding, biking, walking, carpooling and no idling.  These options help reduce smog-forming emissions that come from vehicle tailpipes. Schools can choose one or more green travel methods to promote throughout the week.

“Clean commuting helps everyone in your school community,” said Gretchen Gigley, director of education at The Clean Air Campaign. “Parents save time, money and stress by pooling their efforts to get children to school, while teachers and administrators have more students getting to school on time. Plus, everyone benefits from cleaner air, less traffic and better safety.”

Schools are encouraged to support clean transportation by getting students to use the highlighted transportation option for each day.  Students can log the number of green trips they use for the week, so schools can keep track of the amount of pollution they are eliminating from the air we breathe. They can then celebrate the impact of their actions at the end of the week.

Clean Commute Week toolkits are available online at CleanAirCampaign.org with resources, tips and fun activities for schools to use throughout the week.  BAIR, the Clean Air Bear, will make surprise visits to a few of the participating schools. The Clean Air Campaign is also teaming up with Georgia Safe Routes to School to incorporate Georgia Walk to School Day, March 7, into Clean Commute Week. Resources from Georgia Safe Routes to School can be found in the Clean Commute Week toolkit.

“We had an overwhelming response to Clean Commute Week when we first introduced the idea this past October,” said Gigley. “We saw so much creativity. For example, many schools created a Clean Commute Hall of Fame in their hallways to highlight and measure students’ involvement.  And for those schools registered in the Clean Air Schools program, this is a great time to launch your education campaign and engage your school community.”

Georgia schools or parents interested in receiving Clean Commute Week resources or joining the Clean Air Schools program can visit CleanAirCampaign.org/Schools. For exclusive information about The Clean Air Campaign, follow @CleanAirGa on Twitter and find The Clean Air Campaign on Facebook at Facebook.com/CleanAirCampaign.