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Atlanta man committed to feeding hungry | News

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Atlanta man committed to feeding hungry

David Skoke is on a mission to feed the hungry in Atlanta.

The part-time actor drives around the city in a brightly painted minivan twice a week picking up extra unsold produce from four Whole Foods Market locations. "Whole Foods pulls food from the shelves three days before its expiration date, so it still has three good days left and probably more," he said.

Skoke said he averages about three tons of food per month. His delivers the fresh fruits and vegetables to five area soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries. On a recent Wednesday he delivered a shipment to Saint Patrick's Episcopal Church in Dunwoody, which runs a Free Food Store and a café for the needy.


"He Brings us fresh produce, which is very important to our goal of feeding our clients more nutritious food," said Executive Director Kathy Malcolm Hall.

Skoke's brightly decorated van generates interest from those who see it on the road. Skoke urges them to go to the Helping Feed Atlanta Facebook page and share it with friends.

Skoke said his mission doesn't make any money and actually costs him quite a bit in gasoline and insurance. But he says he'll continue his deliveries as long as Whole Foods has extra produce to donate. "I don't get this kind of thrill out of anything else," he said.

Skoke is hoping to spread his Helping Feed Atlanta movement to other cities and is urging other Good Samaritans to get involved and help in their own communities.