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Tips for keeping kids safe when home alone | Education

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Tips for keeping kids safe when home alone

DUNWOODY, Ga. -- As schools end for the summer, more children will spend time alone at home.

The Dunwoody Police Department has tips for parents to help make sure their kids are safe.

First, when your kids are home alone, tell them not to ignore a knock at the door or someone ringing the doorbell because the person may think no one is home and decide to break in.

"People knock and may go behind the home and force entry," said Tim Fecht, Public Information Officer for the Dunwoody Police Department. "You don't want a home invasion because they think no one is home."

Fecht suggested parents tell kids to answer through the door without opening it. Have them say, "My mom/dad can't come to the door." Even add, "I've got to take care of my pet pit bull. Down, boy! Come back later."

"Your home goes from being a target to too much work for the bad guy(s). They will leave," said Fecht in a letter to Dunwoody Neighborhood Watch groups.

Second, Fecht said you should have your kids call you periodically during the day. Pick specific times such as 10 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., he suggested.

Finally, when you're home, make sure kids play outside within a block of their homes with other kids. There is safety in numbers, according to Fecht.