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My Grocery Spy.com Launches to Help Atlanta Shoppers Save Up To 35% Weekly on Groceries | Families

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My Grocery Spy.com Launches to Help Atlanta Shoppers Save Up To 35% Weekly on Groceries
My Grocery Spy.com Launches to Help Atlanta Shoppers Save Up To 35% Weekly on Groceries

http://www.mygroceryspy.com/ is a new online price-sleuthing service that enables families to save more money on groceries and other supermarket items.  http://www.mygroceryspy.com/ has just launched to help Atlanta grocery shoppers instantly compare prices and make more informed decisions about where to find the Atlanta grocery savings each week.

Twice a week, http://www.mygroceryspy.com/ checks out the prices on 150 to 200 grocery products at four of the top chains in the metro area, including Publix, Kroger, WalMart and Ingles. http://www.mygrocerspy.com/ provides a price comparison chart and sorts the shopping list so the lowest prices are readily identified by store. Subscribers can quickly build a custom shopping list by store to be printed out or sent to any cell phone that accepts e-mail.  Armed with their list, subscribers can quickly get in and out of each store with the lowest-priced items. Atlanta grocery shoppers can find the best deals at as many of the stores as they choose. Updates twice a week take into account any price changes.

MyGrocerySpy.com offers a 14-day free trial. Normally $8.50 per month, the savings on the trial period could save the equivalent of many months’ membership. Group fundraising subscriptions and benefits are covered at the end of this release.

MyGrocerySpy.Com was designed to enable shoppers to capitalize on previously hidden savings with or without Atlanta grocery coupons or flyers. MyGrocerySpy proves that no one store has the best prices every week. One week Kroger might have the lowest price on store brand or national brand macaroni and cheese.  The next week, Kroger may not be the lowest on that item. Prices on item after item rise and fall dramatically from store to store and week to week.  

According to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) 2010 U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends report, consumers are increasingly motivated to compare prices, look for specials, and increase their number of weekly grocery-shopping trips, now averaging 2.06 per week. The report also indicates that consumers are increasingly willing to shop at multiple stores, as the number of trips to their primary store decreased from 75.3 percent in 2009 to 68.9 percent in 2010.  The same report notes that 56% of consumers make a shopping list, up from 53% in 2009. Using MyGrocerySpy.com makes building that list based on the lowest prices even easier. It turns the shopping list into a more powerful money-saving resource.

Tests of MyGrocerySpy.com show an average 35 percent savings per week. Even without shopping all four stores, the savings will still be significant.