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Dunwoody Mission Team Guards Against Cholera

DUNWOODY, GA -- A group from Dunwoody United Methodist Church is heading home Wednesday after a week-long mission trip to Haiti, where they had to take special precautions to guard against cholera.

The death toll from the cholera outbreak in Haiti is close to 300 with more 3,000 now infected.

"You just can't imagine the level of human need down here," said DUMC mission team leader Rev. Zack Martin during a phone interview on Tuesday. 

Martin's 10-member team left for Haiti last Wednesday. They found out about the cholera threat a couple of days later during a prayer circle from the medical supervisor for the Methodist missions.

"He said, 'I want to make an announcement that cholera has broken out in St. Marc, and I want you to be sure to be careful to wash your hands, not drink the water, don't walk through standing water'," Martin said.

Domecoming to Showcase Atlanta Football

ATLANTA -- Gwinnett and Cobb County have the Corky Kell Classic. The Atlanta Public Schools (APS) have "Domecoming," a day-long Homecoming celebration for APS football teams and fans.

This Saturday, the Georgia Dome hosts four games for five Atlanta teams. The schedule is as follows:

11 a.m. South Atlanta vs. Lovett

2 p.m. Carver-Atlanta vs. Dunwoody

5 p.m. Washington vs. Druid Hills

8 p.m. Douglass vs. Mays

Home Furnishings Overstock in Dunwoody

Many sectors of the home furnishings industry are in the midst of a slump, and for some businesses that means a lot of extra inventory.

Pacific Rugs and Furniture is liquidating a large quantity of rugs, paintings and furniture at 4776 Ashford Dunwoody because its Marietta Boulevard location was becoming too full of overstock. " "We have 17,000 square feet and we're bursting at the seams," said Manager Michael Cohen.

Cohen said most of the furnishings are 50 to 80 percent off retail. "We offer deep discounts on oriental rugs. Eight by tens start at $199," he said. Cohen said Persian hand tyed and vegetable dyed rugs are priced at up to $2,000.

Cohen said many handmade rugs need to be ordered about two years in advance, which is why dealers in the U.S now have large amounts of overstock.

The store also has oil paintings starting at $39 as well as some sofas, dining sets and and antique Indian furniture.

Dunwoody Mission Team Heads to Haiti

Dunwoody, GA -- Ten members of Dunwoody United Methodist Church left Wednesday on 10-day mission trip to bring help and hope to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The mission team has been assigned to work at the Carrefour Manse in Thor, which is located approximately one hour from hard-hit Port-au-Prince.

The DUMC team will be the 6th & 7th teams on site and will continue the reconstruction and repairs of the manse, which is the pastor's house and potential guest house for the United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM).

UMVIM is working closely with the Methodist church in Haiti to identify needs in local communities. Mission teams are invited to help the locals rebuild homes and reconstruct churches, orphanages and clinics.

"For several decades at Dunwoody UMC, we have provided mission opportunities for people to give of themselves and not just their money," said DUMC Senior Pastor Dr. Wiley Stephens.

Animated Race: Cartoon Replaces Debate in 4th Congressional District

DEKALB COUNTY, GA -- Democrat Hank Johnson has had no close calls, election-wise, since he was first elected to Congress four years ago. His Republican opponent Liz Carter is an underdog who would like to find a way to end Johnson's streak.

Carter complains that Johnson won't face her in a forum or debate. "Anybody running for office should be open and honest and candid with the voters," Carter said.

Johnson says Carter hasn't earned a debate. "My opponent has been engaged in a campaign of personal destruction," Johnson said.

Among other things, Johnson is referring to a series of crude animated videos Carter has made. Several depict her and Johnson in a fictional debate.

"Hank, you voted for the $800 billion stimulus using borrowed money," a Lego-style character dressed in a leopard dress says in a robotic voice. 

"Chip's Nation" Develops to Help Teen Facing Cancer

DUNWOODY, GA -- Two months ago, a healthy local seventh grader suddenly found himself fighting for his life. These days he's still fighting -- and he's not alone.

Chip Madren can't leave the hospital right now; he can't even talk. He's a 13-year-old for whom baseball and outdoor sports used to be favorite hobbies.

But then, far more pressing issues took precedence.

"This summer, he was having some balance issues and some double-vision," recalled his aunt, Gerri DiCarlo. "Then they did an MRI, and they found that he had a tumor in his brain."

Since then, Chip has been through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation to get rid of the cancer inside him. The surgery was so invasive it took away his ability to speak. But the best news is that so far he is improving -- diligent in his rehab and right on schedule with his recovery.

And then, there's Chip's Nation.

Blessing of the Animals Sunday

DUNWOODY, GA -- About 40 people and their pets, mostly dogs and cats, took part in the Blessing of the Animals at Dunwoody United Methodist Church on Sunday.

The informal, outdoor service was open to all who wanted to bring their pets to this annual tradition in the church.

It dates back to St. Francis of Assisi of the 12th century.

The saint's birthday is in early October, and the Blessing of the Animals Service is observed in churches near the anniversary of his birth.

"Someone brought in bees one year, so we welcome pets of all kinds," said Dr. Stephens. "This is a celebration of God's blessings that we receive from our animal friends."

The Blessing took place on Sunday, October 10, at 2 p.m. on the church soccer fields at 1548 Mt. Vernon Road in Dunwoody.