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Ginger White: I'd be 'surprised' if Cain's wife didn't know of affair | News

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Ginger White: I'd be 'surprised' if Cain's wife didn't know of affair

ATLANTA -- The woman who says she had an affair with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said she hasn't been paid for telling her story and insinuated that Cain's wife may have known about the affair.

"I couldn't imagine me having sex with someone and lying about it," Ginger White said.

11Alive's Karyn Greer spoke with White in the offices of her attorney, Ed Buckley.

"Woman to woman, did you ever think he'd leave his wife for you?" Greer asked.

"I never did," White said. "I never asked."

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Earlier this week, White, who makes her home in Dunwoody, alleged that she and Cain had carried on an off-and-on affair that lasted for more than a decade.

White said she met Cain at a Black Achiever's function at which he was the keynote speaker.  The pair flew to Palm Springs, Calif. and went to dinner that weekend. Cain didn't seem to be concerned about hiding anything, she said.

"He sang Larry Graham's One in a Million to me there in the restaurant," White recounted. "It was full of fantasy that weekend."

"Since then, there have been other trips," she said. "It's been on and off, on and off.  It was crazy."

White said Cain would fly her to Washington, D.C., where he had an apartment.  They would go shopping.  On one occasion at the mall, she said Cain spotted friends of his wife Gloria, and she said he told her to split up, and reconnect later.

"Do you think Mrs. [Gloria] Cain knew you were having an affair?" Greer asked.

"I would be surprised if she were surprised," White said.

White's financial history, morals and motivation for alleging the affair have been called into question since she came forward Monday. 

Throughout the relationship, White said Cain provided her with money.  She refused to say how much money she received, but said she was never asked to pay it back.  "That money went to rent," she said. "Sometimes to keep the lights on."

Cain's Attorney Lin Wood told CNN's Piers Morgan Thursday night it was perhaps $1,000 or $2,000 at a time over several months. Cain himself acknowledged his wife did not know about White or the money he gave her.

White said she never considered the relationship as one based on sex in exchange for money.

White admitted Thursday that she has struggled financially. But, was adamant that the prospect or promise of money did not motivate her to come forward and had not received money for interviews.

White has provided little proof of a relationship, other than some signed books and phone logs. White's attorney Ed Buckley provided redacted phone records to 11Alive showing 76 communications including texts in the last two months between Cain and White to what White says is his personal cell phone.

The pair last spoke early last week, White said.  That's about one week before she publicly announced the affair.  During the conversation, she said she did not tell him that she intended to go public with the affair.

Since White alleged the affair earlier this week, Cain has adamantly denied the allegations, calling White a "troubled" woman.

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"I acknowledge that I knew the woman," he said on CNN Monday afternoon. "I acknowledge that I've known her for that period of time. But the accusation that I had a 13-year affair with her? No."

He says a heavy emotional toll on his family - particularly his wife, Gloria, whom he has not seen since the charge surfaced - could force him to call it quits.

The shift comes as a growing chorus of would-be allies suggests that he no longer is a viable contender, and Cain himself says fundraising has suffered.

A top-tier candidate just weeks ago, Cain says he'll decide in the next "few days" whether to abandon his White House bid, but not before he meets with his wife on Friday.

In the meantime, Cain's attorney has demanded cell phone records from Ginger White, the Dunwoody businesswoman accusing Cain of the extramarital affair.

Cain attorney Lin Wood sent a letter Wednesday to a lawyer representing White asking that Cain's team be provided with cell phone records showing calls and text messages between White and Cain.

Wood said Cain wants those phone records, among other documents, so he can examine them for their authenticity and content.

For her part, White said Thursday that the week has been an emotional roller coaster, that she has not slept much and that she is humiliated.  She is the mother to a 20-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son.

Despite the ordeal of the past week, White said she thinks she did the right thing by coming forward.

She said that she doesn't expect to talk to or see Cain ever again.

"Would you see a married man again?" Greer asked.

"No. It's not fun," White said.

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