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DUNWOODY: Search warrants unsealed in Hemy Neuman murder case | News

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DUNWOODY: Search warrants unsealed in Hemy Neuman murder case

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- Search warrants unsealed Wednesday provide additional glimpses into how investigators were led to Hemy Neuman as a suspect after the shooting death of Rusty Sneiderman on the morning of November 18, 2010.

Police say Neuman rented a van, donned a fake beard as a disguise and shot and killed Sneiderman outside a Dunwoody daycare center.

Neuman is the former supervisor of Sneiderman's widow Andrea. They worked together at GE.

According to one affadavit, on the day Neuman was arrested he had an Iphone and Ipad with him.  Investigators say they found a phone number for a man  who had advertised to sell a Bersa Thunder pistol.  That gun seller later idenfied the buyer as Hemy Neuman in a photo lineup.

Investigators say according to the gun seller Neuman paid $375 in cash.  Searches of Neuman's banking records show an ATM withdrawl of $400 on the day of purchase.

Neuman's estranged wife, Ariela, has claimed her husband and Sneiderman's wife Andrea were having an affair. It appears police looked into the same thing saying the two were "spending  an inordinate amount of time together, and frequently make overnight trips away form the Atlanta area."

Andrea Sneiderman has never been named as a suspect in the murder of her husband, nor has she been arrested.

Investigators also say there was "continuous communication" between Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman both before and after the murder.

After Neuman's arrest, Andrea Sneiderman issued a written statement, saying she was "shocked to learn that the man charged with murder was my former boss, a person who we thought was a friend of our family."

According to the affidavit, Neuman rented a silver Kia Sedona the day before the murder and returned it afterward.

He also "arrived at work early the morning of November 18, 2010 then left the office before the murder," according to the affidavit. It continues: "He later returned to the same office after the murder."

The documents also showed that investigators found "a synthetic hair" inside the rented Kia. It was "the type used for fake beards," according to the affidavit.

Witnesses described the gunman as wearing a fake beard.

Other documents show the sale for the Bersa .40 handgun, bought last April. No name is on the document. Another is a sign-in sheet, signed by Hemy Neuman at a Woodstock shooting range on November 1, 2010 - his daughter's birthday, and less than three weeks before Rusty Sneiderman was killed. 

Evidence is said to include some video from a Dalton gun show. It does not specify what's on the video.

Most of the items listed in the search warrants pertain to phone records and email messages said to be between Neuman and Andrea Sniederman.

There is no information as to the nature of the conversations but that will likely be revealed during the upcoming trial.

Andrea Sneiderman's resume is also listed as evidence and 11Alive News has learned that Ariela Neuman, Hemy Neuman's wife, actually gave Andrea's resume to her husband, and helped her get her job at GE - where she worked directly for Hemy Neuman.

Ariela Neuman has filed for legal separation, alleging an affair between her husband and Andrea Sneiderman.

Hemy Neuman's murder trial is set to start in October.


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