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Hemy Neuman asks for new trial | News

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Hemy Neuman asks for new trial

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- Hemy Neuman returned to a DeKalb County court on Tuesday to ask for a new trial.

In March 2012, Neuman sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty but insane in the death of Rusty Sneiderman outside of a Dunwoody daycare.

During the trial, Neuman's attorneys contended that his affair with the victim's wife, Andrea Sneiderman, drove him to madness. Neuman was Andrea's boss at GE Energy. Now Neuman's attorneys say that Andrea Sneiderman's lies on the witness stand led to his conviction.

READ the request for new trial here.

Andrea Sneiderman was convicted last summer of perjury and was sentenced to five years in jail.

"We have a client serving a life sentence in prison without parole based on perjured testimony, and we feel that's fundamentally wrong," said Doug Peters, Neuman's attorney.

Sneiderman was the star witness in Neuman's murder charged, attacked by both prosecutors and defense attorneys as she described an awkward relationship with her boss that she insisted was not an extramarital affair.

Although prosecutors devoted much energy to undermining Sneiderman's story and prosecuting her criminally, in court on Tuesday they said her testimony was not essential to Neuman's conviction.

The decision on a new trial rests with DeKalb County Superior Judge Gregory Adams, who presided over the trials of Andrea Sneiderman and Neuman.

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