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BLOG | Prosecution finishes case in Andrea Sneiderman trial | News

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BLOG | Prosecution finishes case in Andrea Sneiderman trial

11Alive's Julie Wolfe is inside the courtroom for the Andrea Sneiderman trial. She files daily blogs about what happens in the case and behind the scenes. 

The prosecution started week two running behind. Two very long clips entered into evidence by the defense last week threw their plans off,  so they were unsure on when they might wrap up their case. It's impossible for them to judge what the defense might do next. (Remember, those clips were 3.5 hours and 1.75 hours; together, adding up to about a day of the trial.)

The defense suggested to me it would begin putting on their case "very soon". Monday afternoon's testimony bore that out. FBI special agent Chad Fitzgerald "connected the dots" for the state's case by laying out a timeline of phone calls and texts from the day of Rusty Sneiderman's murder.

GALLERY| Timeline of Andrea Sneiderman call log on day of husband's murder

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The testimony focused on WHERE the calls were made (using cell phone towers to track) and WHEN they were made. It referenced testimony given earlier about Andrea Sneiderman calling both Don Sneiderman and Shayna Citron and telling them Rusty had been shot before she arrived at Atlanta Medical Center. 

FULL COVERAGE | Andrea Sneiderman trial

At 4:32 pm "very soon" became now, when District Attorney Robert James said the state rested their case. 

The most important events happened after the jury left for the day when the defense filed several motions.