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Former DA says Sneiderman murder charge may be dropped | News

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Former DA says Sneiderman murder charge may be dropped

DECATUR, Ga. -- Prosecutors say Andrea Sneiderman conspired with Hemy Neuman to kill her husband Rusty outside a Dunwoody day care in November 2010. But the case against her is circumstantial and weak, says former Dougherty County district attorney Ken Hodges.

"So far, I don't know of any emails or any documents or anything between Mr. Neuman and Mrs. Sneiderman or anyone else that indicates she was in on the homicide," Hodges said. "Certainly, no eyewitness to her doing anything in the furtherance of it."

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District Attorney Robert James secured the indictment against her following the March 2012 conviction of Hemy Neuman -- Mrs. Sneiderman's coworker, and a man with whom prosecutors say she had an extramarital affair. Mrs. Sneiderman denies that.

Aside from murder and aggravated assault, the indictment charges Mrs. Sneiderman with hindering the apprehension of a criminal; concealment of facts from police; making false statements; and perjury.

Hodges, who has followed the case but has no connection to it, says that DA might stand a better chance of sending her to prison if he withdraws the weakest part of the state's case before the trial starts next week.

"There's speculation out there that the state may withdraw the murder charges because they withdrew questions related to that, with the voir dire (jury questioning) coming up," Hodges said. "If I didn't have the evidence, as a prosecutor, I would rather dismiss before it gets to the jury. Because you want to maintain your credibility with the jury."

Hodges says that credibility would be essential in presenting a case against Mrs Sneiderman with all the lesser charges short of murder. A spokesman for James declined comment, citing a gag order in the case.