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Neuman unlikely to testify against Andrea Sneiderman | News

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Neuman unlikely to testify against Andrea Sneiderman

DECATUR, Ga. -- Since a jury found him guilty but insane, Hemy Neuman has lived in a medical prison in Augusta -- where he quickly became the potential star witness in the murder case against Andrea Sneiderman.

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Prosecutors have charged that the two were more than just coworkers -- that they conspired together to kill Mrs. Sneiderman's husband Rusty, outside a Dunwoody day care in November 2010. But with Mrs. Sneiderman's murder trial due to start in 19 days, one of Neuman's attorneys tells us that prosecutors have not interviewed Neuman to gauge his potential value as a witness.

"The indication would be that the state does not intend to call him," said Ken Hodges, a former district attorney. Attorneys in the Sneiderman case are under a gag order. Hodges says Neuman's absence from the prosecution's witness lineup could hurt the state's case against Mrs. Sneiderman.

"If (prosecutors have) got two conspirators and you don't call one of them - you've got the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. And if you don't meet that burden, you could get a directed verdict. And not even take it to a jury," Hodges said.

Although prosecutors have argued that an extramarital affair drove a murder conspiracy between Mrs. Sneiderman and Neuman -- Neuman himself "has always maintained that he acted alone," says his attorney Bob Rubin.

Though he's all but certain not to testify against his former coworker, Hodges says Hemy Neuman could still be a star witness in the trial of Andrea Sneiderman -- as a witness for the defense.

Jury selection will start July 29.