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Dunwoody PD: 'Undercover' shoplifter's many-layered plan unraveled | News

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Dunwoody PD: 'Undercover' shoplifter's many-layered plan unraveled

DUNWOODY, Ga. -- Police in Dunwoody believe a shoplifter was feeling the heat long before they caught up with him. And when they did, his response was priceless.

On Friday, police responded to Macy's department store at the request of loss prevention officers dealing with an unusual case.

Officers watched a suspect go into the dressing room with several pairs of pants and shorts. But when the suspect left, they had mysteriously disappeared.

He wasn't carrying the clothes but they weren't in the dressing room either.

The suspect then attempted to leave the store but was detained. That's when the rest of the story unfolded - and the suspect's plans unraveled.

According to Dunwoody Police Department's official Facebook page, the shoplifter dressed in layers - specifically layers of un-purchased clothing - before attempting to leave the store.

But when confronted, he attempted to convince police that he was on their side - an undercover shoplifter testing the loss prevention employees of the store.

The story didn't hold together very well and police confirmed the alleged shoplifter was taken to DeKalb County jail.