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Unusual shoplifting explanation baffles Dunwoody police | News

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Unusual shoplifting explanation baffles Dunwoody police

DUNWOODY, Ga. -- When someone gets caught committing an alleged crime, the excuses can get pretty wild.

Just ask members of the Dunwoody Police Department.

The department posted a "creative" response when they caught an apparent shoplifter.

Officials said they were called to a store where the alleged shoplifter was seen walking around the store with a shopping cart - and a purse full of empty grocery bags.

But they didn't remain empty for long, police said.

Police said the woman was filling the empty bags with groceries as she walked around the store and placing them in her cart.  But soon, police said she walked right out the front doors with the cart and groceries.

The Dunwoody Department's page then provides the woman's explanation for her action.

"I don't like my groceries touching in the shopping cart so I always keep grocery bags in my purse and bag the groceries while I'm shopping," the page quotes. "Then I walked out of the store with the groceries to meet my daughter in the parking lote to get the money."