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Dunwoody Police warn students about high school pranks | News

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Dunwoody Police warn students about high school pranks

DUNWOODY, GA (WXIA) – Dunwoody Police are stepping up patrols near Dunwoody High School after officer say a student prank got out of hand Monday evening, leading nearby residents to call 911.

Now, the school’s principal and police are cracking down with a stern warning for students.

The principal held an assembly with students on Tuesday to talk about what happened on Monday night. It’s called “Junior-Senior Wars” and the school’s principal says it has been a tradition at Dunwoody High for the past few years.

11Alive News obtained a copy of the letter the principal sent home with students threatening suspension or expulsion for the continued behavior.

Dunwoody Police are concerned that the activity could have been become more serious. An officer pointed out on Tuesday that there was one element that takes the events of Monday night beyond a harmless joke.

Lt. Fidel Espinoza was working Night Command Monday night when the calls started coming in. So just before 11 p.m., he took to the Dunwoody Police Department’s Facebook page with a stern warning for students and their parents.

"I will try to make myself perfectly clear," Lt. Espinoza said in the video. "These incidents will not be tolerated. Parents, call your kids and get them home."

In all, about four or five houses were hit. One officer’s body camera video shows him arriving at a home on Brierley Way, finding trash dumped in the yard. But it wasn’t the toilet paper and eggs that had Dunwoody Police so concerned.

“Yes, I’m sure I just saw a gun,” one caller said on a 911 call.

“How many weapons did you see?” the dispatcher asked.

“Two – a handgun and a rifle,” the caller replied.

In reality, the weapons were Airsoft guns – ones that shoot pellets, not real bullets. But to the naked eye, the toy guns can look almost identical to the real thing – especially at night.

In fact, just last June, Dunwoody Police posted pictures of BB guns used in a robbery that looked like real firearms to everyone – including police.

So far, the post received a significant number of shares – many of them, Espinoza says – from students, which is why the behavior did calm down as the night went on. There were no arrests, but police said that for now, they will keep extra officers patrolling the neighborhoods within a one-mile radius of the school.