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Andrea Sneiderman wants a new trial | News

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Andrea Sneiderman wants a new trial
Andrea Sneiderman wants a new trial

ATLANTA -- Andrea Sneiderman's attorneys filed a motion for a new trial just two days after lawyers for her husband's killer argued before the Georgia Supreme Court for a new trial in his case.

Sneiderman was convicted in August 2013 of perjury and hindering and hindering the investigation into her husband Randy
s murder. Her attorney, Brian Steel, filed the motion after reading briefs from the recent appeal by Neuman
s lawyers.

Steel said the prosecution took inconsistent positions in the appeal and in Sneiderman's perjury trial.

Sneiderman was released from prison last June and is on parole until August of 2017. If she doesn't commit any more crimes, her record will be erased when she completes her parole.

Steel says it's important for his client to be exonerated. "To have these sentences and convictions reversed, to remove her from parole, to have her name cleared, is the right thing to do," he said.

Steel cited Neuman's appeal brief in which prosecutors admitted Sneiderman's alleged perjured testimony was not essential to Neuman's convictions.
"In Andrea's trial it was argued by the prosecution that because of the supposed perjury and false statements by Andrea that was critical testimony in Mr. Neuman's case and you can't have it both ways."


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