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Sneiderman: Prosecutors want to enrage Neuman into testifying | News

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Sneiderman: Prosecutors want to enrage Neuman into testifying

ATLANTA -- Attorneys for accused murderer Andrea Sneiderman say prosecutors are scheming to "manipulate" convicted killer Hemy Neuman into testifying against her.

In a brief filed in a wrongful death civil case in which Mrs. Sneiderman is the defendant, her attorneys contend prosecutors have floated the name of another "paramour" in order to enrage Neuman, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Mrs. Sneiderman's husband Rusty outside a Dunwoody day care in November 2010.

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Earlier this month, prosecutor Don Geary told a judge that prosecutors were exploring a theory that Mrs. Sneiderman manipulated Neuman into killing her husband so that she could be with a man named Joseph Dell.  Defense attorneys describe Dell as a friend who has helped Mrs. Sneiderman with household chores during her house arrest.

During his murder trial, Neuman's attorneys said he killed Rusty Sneiderman because he was in love with Mrs. Sneiderman.

"The assertion at this late date that Andrea had another so-called 'paramour' is made in an effort to manipulate Mr. Neuman so that he will fall into a jealous rage, decide to no longer tell the truth in this regard, and finally provide something that so far is completely lacking:  any direct evidence that Andrea Sneiderman was a co-conspirator in her husband's murder," the brief filed late Tuesday states.  Steven Sneiderman, Rusty's brother, is the plaintiff in the wrongful death suit.

The defense brief clarifies the relationship between Mrs. Sneiderman and Dell.  It says "Mrs. Sneiderman denies having engaged in sexual acts with Mr. Dell prior to his divorce and admits that Mr. Dell told her he loved her while she was incarcerated." 

The brief also disputes the contention by Geary that Dell and Mrs. Sneiderman are living together.

The brief contends that attorneys for Donald Sneiderman are attempting "to try Mrs. Sneiderman in the media and to taint any jury that may ultimately hear this case" by bringing up her relationship with Dell, describing it as "a fantastical theory."

Attorneys in the civil and criminal cases are under a gag order.  Attorneys for Donald Sneiderman have not responded to a request for comment.