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Not Going to Heaven? Well ..Maybe. | News

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Not Going to Heaven? Well ..Maybe.

ATLANTA--In an effort to get out the vote in Georgia for President Obama, Ambassador Andrew Young and Rev. Joseph Lowery have been speaking inside local churches. One such event occurred last weekend in Forsyth and Wednesday afternoon the Monroe County Reporter went to press with a front page/ bottom fold story that has gotten some attention.

It's a headline that caught many eyes.

A small-town newspaper accuses Reverend Joseph Lowery of one eye-popping comment .

"Civil Rights Icons Pump Obama at Forsyth Church."

"Rev Lowery: Don't think white people are going to heaven."

Is that true?

Jeff Hullinger spoke with Rev. Lowery, the  civil rights legend said," I said it was a joke we used to tell, clearly it was a joke and I said it to the reporter it was a joke  I don't know why he would give any credibility to that it was clearly a joke."

Dianne Glidewell attended the event and wrote the story for The Monroe County Reporter.  Her view is different.

" Maybe..but there are jokes more appropriate than other jokes, he is a leader and influencing people, that's where it's inappropriate."

Ms. Glidewell said others around her were shocked as well. She doesn't cover many political events.

" I cover city council, board of education, I prefer people stories, feel good stories."

 Ms. Glidewell says from the pulpit Rev Lowery asked if there were any press,

She raised her hand and he said cover your ears you won't like this. And he said

 " When he was a young militant he believed all white people would go to hell, then he mellowed and believed not all but most now that he's older he is back to feeling the same way initially."  

So what about it?

Hullinger asked Rev. Lowery if in 2012 he thinks white people are going to hell.

" I think some whites and some blacks are going to hell, he said with a laugh, "  It has nothing to do with their color and everything with their behavior."

Rev. Lowery turned 91 a few weeks ago.

He has stirred it over the generations in Atlanta with lots of verbiage and humor. 

It looks like he is still going strong.