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Sneidermans face off in family court hearing | News

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Sneidermans face off in family court hearing

ATLANTA -- An administrative judge presided over a hearing in the case of Sneiderman v. Sneiderman Thursday at the Fulton County courthouse. It's a child visitation complaint that extends the drama surrounding the Dunwoody daycare killing.

Donald and Marilyn Sneiderman are in court because they want to see their young grandchildren.  They are the children of Andrea Sneiderman, who appeared in a court setting for the first time since she was banished from the DeKalb County courthouse during the murder trial of her co-worker, Hemy Neuman.  A jury found Neuman guilty but insane in the killing of Rusty Sneiderman, Andrea Sneiderman's husband and the late son of the grandparents seeking visitation.

During that trial, Andrea Sneiderman was an occasionally combative witness.  Attorneys in the trial claimed that she manipulated Hemy Neuman into killing her husband so that she and Neuman could be together.

Andrea Sneiderman hasn't been accused of any crime, though a grand jury in DeKalb County is examining her testimony in that trial, with an eye on a potential criminal indictment.

But Andrea Sneiderman's attorney says the grandparents poisoned the relationship when "Marilyn Sneiderman stated to the media that (Andrea Sneiderman) was 'involved' in her husband's murder."

The same attorney told the grandparents' attorney she would agree to let them visit her children if "the grandparents will not speak negatively about (Mrs. Sneiderman) to the children nor cross-examine them about their mother."

The two sides agreed to allow Rusty Sneiderman's parents, who live in Cleveland Ohio, to visit their son and Andrea Sneiderman's children in Atlanta this weekend.  Another hearing will take place in late June.  Meantime, the DeKalb County grand jury is continuing its work in secret.



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