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D.A. on Andrea Sneiderman's legal fate: "Stay tuned" | News

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D.A. on Andrea Sneiderman's legal fate: "Stay tuned"

DECATUR, Ga. -- From the court of law to the court of public opinion, all eyes now turn to Rusty Sneiderman's widow, Andrea.

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She has not been charged with any crime, though many are wondering... Why not?

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The district attorney implied during closing arguments that she was a co-conspirator in the murder. Other testimony suggested that she may have known about the murder of her husband before police informed her. So what now?

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The prosecution and the defense agreed on two things during the trial:

  • That Hemy Neuman killed Sneiderman

  • Their shared suspicion that Sneiderman's widow may have been involved.

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    Here are some of the remarks of those involved in the trial.

    Steven Sneiderman, Rusty's Brother:

    "Our family long suspected Andrea's involvement in Rusty's death. We now know that Andrea lied about her inappropriate relationship with the killer. Critical information that could have immediately directed law enforcement to arrest Rusty's killer."

    "In the meantime, it's clear to me that Andrea's covered in Rusty's blood. And there are not enough rabbis in the world to wash away those stains."

    "We're left with the critical question of why? What is she hiding? These questions must be answered and answered soon if there's to be justice for Rusty."

    "It was a great relief for our family that the district attorney also acknowledged these suspicions in his closing argument. It's up to (D.A. Robert) James to decide what crimes Andrea may have committed..."

    Doug Peters, defense attorney:

    "I believe that Andrea Sneiderman primed the pump; I believe that Andrea Sneiderman stoked the fire; and I believe the evidence in this case indicates quite clearly that she knew how she wanted her husband murdered. And she manipulated Hemy (Neuman) to have that done."

    "(Neuman's) delusion was coupled by Andrea Sneiderman's manipulation of him, her calculation, her teasing of him, her using him and taking advantage of the condition he was in to get what we contend... and I want to be very clear on this, to get what we contend... what she is responsible for."

    Robert James, DeKalb District Attorney:

    "(Andrea Sneiderman's role is) the 1000-pound pink gorilla in the corner. Everybody's asking that question. I'm not going to stand up here and be disingenuous and say that that's something that's not considered. As I said we deal in facts; we deal in evidence. Emotion is part of what we do, but our decisions are not driven by emotion. I have to have facts and evidence. And when I know something, you'll know something. And that's if and when, frankly."

    "(To people who say the wife should be charged. What would you say?) I'd tell them to stay tuned."

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