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First Montessori School of Atlanta changes name to ‘Springmont’ | Families

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First Montessori School of Atlanta changes name to ‘Springmont’
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First Montessori School of Atlanta changes name to ‘Springmont’

ATLANTA -- First Montessori School of Atlanta has announced it is changing its name in 2013, the year of the school’s 50th anniversary. The move comes as the school, which is the oldest Montessori school in the Southeast, begins a yearlong series of events to celebrate its anniversary.

“We’re looking forward to moving ahead with a name (Springmont) that captures the essence of this great school,” said Patrick Burns, chairman of the board. “As the region’s oldest Montessori school that has provided this community with 50 years of enterprising education, it is time to replace what was more of a description with a true name that provides clarity and solid branding opportunities.”

Head of School Jerri King said the change is part of the school’s commitment to long-term strategic and marketing efforts. Both she and Burns reiterated the school’s dedication to the Montessori method and the core values that have contributed to its outstanding reputation among Atlanta independent schools and the success of its students.

“What we offer, and have offered for five decades now, is a program that is rich in substance and a process that consistently yields self-motivated, well-rounded students,” King said. “A name that helps us convey that strength in our messaging will set us on the right path for the next 50 years.”

Founded in 1963, the school is the Southeast’s oldest Montessori school, serving 280 toddler-through-middle school students with a fully accredited Montessori day school program that emphasizes the nurturing of students’ minds in tandem with their emerging personalities and interests. King said, "Students go on to succeed in schools and colleges across the United States, including those with the most rigorous acceptance schedules and curricula."

About Springmont School

Springmont School began as First Montessori Class of Atlanta in 1963 when a group of parents, who were looking for an alternative to traditional education, started a Montessori classroom with eight students in the basement of Atlanta’s Pace Academy. The school later amended its name to First Montessori School of Atlanta to reflect its growth. Today, Springmont School boasts a diverse student body that extends from toddler classes through middle school. The school is a member of the Southern Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SAIS/SACS), and is fully accredited by American Montessori Institute (AMI) and Atlanta Area Association of Independent Schools (AAAIS). Springmont is located at 5750 Long Island Drive, on a seven-acre wooded campus. Additionally, Springmont owns an 86-acre mountain retreat in Summerville, Ga., known as the Landschool. Springmont School is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Trustees and led by a Head of School. For more information and to schedule a tour, please visit www.springmont.com.


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