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Macon welcomes GreenTec Homes' contributions to 'New Urbanism' initiatives | Business

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Macon welcomes GreenTec Homes' contributions to 'New Urbanism' initiatives
Macon welcomes GreenTec Homes' contributions to 'New Urbanism' initiatives

MACON, Ga. -- Recently, Atlanta-based GreenTec Homes, Inc. launched a “New Urbanism” initiative with a hard hat walk-through and reception in Historic Macon, Georgia. After the reception, the company principals presented a donation of Christmas ornaments made by local elementary students at Macon’s Rice Elementary School to the Ronald McDonald House Charity in downtown Macon.

This event introduced GreenTec Homes to the local community, and answered all questions from the local community about the collaboration between GreenTec Homes, the City of Macon, Historic Macon, the Macon Housing Authority, and Mercer University. GreenTec Homes entered this partnership in order to help achieve the new walk-able urban initiative, or “New Urbanism” goals set forth by the City of Macon.

Local dignitaries, politicians, and community members attended the event including: Council Member and Rabbi Larry Schlesinger, Council Member Louis Frank Tompkins, Executive Assistant to Mayor Robert Reichert, Sam Henderson, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, Laura McMaster, as well as other members from the Macon Chamber, City Council, and local schools and businesses. These dignitaries reviewed the revolutionary developments, and saw first-hand the new plans and concepts for the city.

President and COO of GreenTec Homes, Inc., John Damiano, was “thrilled to engage the Macon Community and meet all the stakeholders in the redevelopment of Historic Macon.”

"Good forward progressive things are happening in Macon, and I’m very excited and enthusiastic about any redevelopment project that goes on in the city," says Larry Schlesinger, Macon City Councilman for Ward III - Post 1.

Redevelopment and “New Urbanism” initiatives have been a focal point for the City of Macon since Mayor Reichert took office in 2007.
Schlesinger says the economy has taken a toll on projects relating to redevelopment. "We've been a recession for a little bit too long and it's kind of put a kibosh on everything," he adds.

GreenTec Homes, Inc. is partnering with Historic Macon, Mercer University, and the Macon Housing Authority to make green housing more attractive for the community in Macon. "If we can be a part of that and help create the live work and play that the vision of the city has right now with all the redevelopment we want to be a part of that," adds Damiano.

The movement of “New Urbanism” is being practiced in the City of Macon, and GreenTec Homes is aiding this initiative by being the first company to build homes made exclusively from “Green” and recycled materials; from the sidings and panels on the exterior walls, to the fixtures and finishes in every room. Their homes are also built with all products “Made in the U.S.A.” GreenTec’s houses bring “New Urbanism” to the next level – and will allow the beautiful, historic homes of the Bealls Hill area in downtown Macon to stand the test of time.

When asked why GreenTec Homes chose to commence construction in Macon, and aid in its’ redevelopment, Damiano said, “We chose Macon because it is a Hidden Jewel. It seems like a big city, but with a small town mentality. We believe that the charm and values that Macon has established is a place we want to work together with in order to enhance and further the new initiatives for the people and the community.”

This initiative, “New Urbanism”, is a design movement which promotes the creation and restoration of diverse, walk-able, compact, mixed-use communities composed of the same components as traditional development, but assembled in the form of complete communities. These communities contain housing, work places, shops, entertainment, schools, parks, and civic facilities essential to the daily lives of the residents, all within easy walking distance of each other. This type of living is rapidly becoming the new hip and modern way to live for people of all ages. (www.newurbanism.org)