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Try It Review: Shake N Take

DUNWOODY, GA -- Although she is retired, Rochelle Ziglin isn't ready for a rocking chair at the rest home.  Only a healthy, active lifestyle works for her.

"I walk, go to the gym and swim.  All the things you're supposed to do," Rochelle said.

The Shake N Take Sports Bottle Blender claims it can make a tasty, healthy smoothie or shake instantly to get you on your way.

Rochelle thought it looked promising.  

"Usually when I make a smoothie, I make a big thing of it and end up drinking it," she explained.  "But this way it's small just enough for one serving."

After looking over the directions, Rochelle saw something missing.

"The one thing they don't give you is a recipe," she said. "So if you don't know how to make a smoothie just go to the internet."

So we found a few recipes and Rochelle started experimenting. First a strawberry, banana smoothie: pineapple juice, frozen bananas and strawberries, then blend everything together.

While the motor didn't sound very powerful, it seemed to get the job done.

Rochelle thought her smoothie tasted a little bland.   "No Taste," she said.  So she added some sweetener and milk and tried again.

"That's not bad," she said.  "Now I feel like Rachel Ray!"

The flip-top straw prevents messy spills.

Rochelle liked how the bottle is just the right size to fit in a car cup holder.   "Fits perfectly," she said. 

After making a number of smoothies and shakes with the blender, Rochelle decided it was a keeper.

"It's good if you're in a hurry," she said.  "You put it all together, you grab it and you go. And I guess you wash it when you get to work."

To clean, just pour water and a little detergent into the bottle and blend.

At less than $20, Rochelle thought the price is easy to swallow too.

"For a quick, make a shake and go," she said, "I would give it a thumbs up."