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Tips on Selecting a Qualified Home Remodeler

You've thought your remodeling project through from start to finish. You have determined what you want to achieve, have a realistic budget, and know when the job needs to be completed. Finding a qualified remodeling company to do the work is an equally important step.

We've all heard horror stories about remodeling projects gone bad. Here are 10 tips to help you select a qualified remodeling contractor.

  1. Look for a company eager to give you solid, local references and to show you some of their work (even in progress) around Atlanta.
  2. You want a company that often does the kind of work you're considering (kitchens, baths, decks, etc.) and of the quality you want.
  3. The companies you interview should readily explain how projects are run and, in some cases, even introduce you to selected personnel.
  4. A professional contractor takes care of his or her employees and operates as a business with appropriate documentation, permits and licenses.
  5. Be especially concerned if a company quickly gives you a low price and is in a hurry to start. Pressure tactics are inappropriate. If you attempt to perform due diligence on these types of companies, you’ll often find there is no company at all.
  6. Check with your state's consumer affairs office and the Better Business Bureau to ensure there are no adverse files on record for the contractor.
  7. Ask to see a copy of the company's certificate of insurance to verify coverage. Most states require a contractor to carry worker's compensation, property damage and personal liability insurance.
  8. If you solicit bids from more than one contractor, be sure they are bidding on the same scope and quality of work. You need a full set of specifications and construction documents.
  9. Make sure financial terms are understood and spelled out in the contract. All the items you requested should be included in the contract.
  10. Check for professional affiliations. Contractors who are affiliated with NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) have pledged to abide by a Code of Ethics.

A successful remodeling project enables you to update your home, customize your space and increase the value of your investment.

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